easiest spinach crepes plus peanut butter

oh yes it’s crepes time.


But I’m quite curious, how to spell them right. You know from my raw macaroons, I’m the worst french speaker ever. Like 4 years are totally wasted with learning this langue, but I have to admit I was in elementary school while I was taught. So its quite normal not to learn anything? Please tell me I wasn’t the only lazy toddler.

Ha, but never the less I’m obsess with this color. Isn’t it amazing? Yes it it..


And not only the colors are amazing also the flavors and ingredients ‚cause yes there aren’t made with any food coloring just some pure spinach.

I know, I know your reactions might be like „eww“, „iiihh“, „urgh“

But who said you can’t mix some vegetables in sweet dishes? Or exists any law that forbids me from mixing?


If so, I’m guilty.


But I’m digress from the crepes. So the reason I haven’t stuffed them with uhm nothing was really lazy (you know from above I’m still the lazy toddler) and dipped them afterwards in my peanut butter jar. But feel free to spread any other homemade or store bought nut/chocolate butter in it.


Oh and just to make sure, no I’m not too stupid to put my creamy peanut butter on top of these beauties. Not really, maybe just a bit.



Here’s the recipe:

What you need:

200 grams all purpose flour
100 ml Spinach juice (I just mixed a few fresh spinach leaves with water)
100 ml dairy free milk
25 grams sugar
1/2 tsp coconut oil
1/2 tsp salt

creamy peanut butter



  1. Place all ingredients in a large mixing bowl, combine it with a whisk and until smooth and green. You can also put everything in a blender and mix it 20 seconds.
  2. Heat an frying pan on medium heat. Add a pinch of oil and when it is melted, about 3 tablespoons of the batter. Tilt the pan in circles until the batter is evenly distributed. Fry for about 1 minute on each side, until the crepes are golden and can be turned easily. Fry all of the crepes and put on a baking sheet to cool off.

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