Vegan Mac and Cheese Toast

Yes, I’m officially addicted to Mac and Cheese!


And what I also need sometimes is easy and quick food which is made in, lets say 15 minutes or even quicker.
Yes, I’m talking about this kind of lunch snack or pre-dinner, whatever you would like to call my sandwiches. But whats exactly inside?

Well, there’re packed with Pasta and Mac and Cheese Sauce, that has zero Cheese in and is pretty like the creamiest sauce on earth.
Like really on this planet.
Haven’t tried out yet? You miss something!

But every time I think of what having for dinner it nearly ended with a huge pot of pasta immersed with this sauce, obviously.

But to add a bit spices I spread a big spoon of Arrabbiata Pesto at the bottom and yes I’m feeling the Italian and american vibes now.
I caught also a big packet from Byodo which also included this more than delicious  Pesto, more sauces and a lot of Spaghettis.

Oh yum, yes!

and you know, a day with pasta is gonna be a good one!


And don’t forget to add some greens, like spinach or arugula oh and the fork of course too!

So let the barbecue season start right with this toasty-toast!


What you need:

Mac and Cheese sauce, shared my favorite recipe here
Noodles, like Penne
Your favorite bread
Byodo Pesto Arrabbiata
handful Spinach



    1. Cook the mac and cheese, add a handful spinach and put aside.
    2. On one slice of bread, add the pesto. Add a few heaping spoonfuls of mac and cheese and make a sandwich. Grill on a hot griddle or pan, a few minutes on each side until the bread is toasted. Enjoy warm!

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