raw dried pitaya bites

What about some more color?

imageAnd with more color I’m talking about pink. The pinkest pink you might ever seen before.

But lets get started at the bottom, or also the base to get a crunchy and nutty flavor.
Therefore I just used different kind of nuts and coconut (‚cause oh yes I’m all about coconut products,  but serious who wouldn’t?), almond flour and the softest and creamiest medjool dates like ever. Ok I’m not only an coconut girl, you can also give me a kilo dates and firstly I’m more than happy and secondly there’re gone in a few days, or hours.


And now the filling, the main reason why these turned out like a pink fairytale is, drum rolls please, pitaya!

But sadly I’m not able to buy the fresh one, or rather wasn’t the whole year. Damn, what’s wrong with my local supermarkets? Can you please be in season here?
Ok, if you know this dilemma situation very well, I’ve a simple solution. Lets try the dried one. It might be not the same fresh and sweet flavor but whenever I want to be in Hawaii where pitaya might be available like 24/7 its kind of the perfect opportunity.

I’ve already shared a few raw cashew-cheesecake recipes. Like this or this one, so these little nuts are like the magical things in life.

Like really, and thats only one of millions reasons why my mom loves them even more and I’ve to hide away a few just to make sure I can make some cheesecakes, cashewgurt or smoothies.


And also to mention that this stack hasn’t made it through the photo shooting, it was more like:

3…2…1… and I want to meet the ground now.


Ugh you can only guess what a mess was made afterwards!image

What you need:

80 grams almond flour
15-20 medjool dates, presoaked and mashed until very smooth
50 grams coconut flakes
20 tsp agave syrup
6 tsp slices and cut up almonds/hazelnuts
1 tbsp coconut oil

240 grams soaked cashews
60 grams coconut oil
20 grams coconut sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract or a vanilla bean
half lemon juice
50 grams agave syrup
1 tbsp salt
one handful dried pitaya or a fresh dragonfruit


  1. In a blender, combine the coconut flakes until they become a fine powder. Transfer it along with the almond flour to a small bowl and combine with the agave syrup, coconut oil and mashed medjool dates.
  2. Pour the base into a dish and press down a bit.
  3. For the filling, process all ingredients until its like silky smooth and fill into the dish, over the base and smooth with a spoon or spatula.
  4. Lets chill in the fridge overnight or for a few hours and enjoy them quickly because they will soften up.

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