Coconut-Mango Smoothie and Quinoa Porridge

Its breakfast time!


OK, ok to be honest my breakfast doesn’t look rather this good at the moment.
As you might know, I moved out!
Yeah, not already in my own flat but in another house. Or to describe it a bit easier, my mum found the love of her life 4 years ago and now they can finally see each other every day!

Oh yes thats one of the cutest love stories ever.

So I’m currently cooking in a tiny kitchen, with lots and lots(to be exactly 6 packages) of kitchen utensils which are all mine.

And what about shooting? Ha I was desperately the first two days! No, kitchen table with natural sunlight anymore.. But I’ve got something better a garden shed.
Yes you’ve heard right, I cook all the meals I want to shoot(and eat obviously or the lill kids want to eat and I’m a nice sister!) and then carry them in huuuge bag into the shed and take the photos of it.

Oh thats a bit stressful and I not to mention I start cooking at 5 am…But hey only until September then I’ll move a second time in my own flat. Maybe if I want to leave this perfect garden shred.


But now, enough real life talk(ha I wish this was really a life talk, I mean what should I do after this summer still no college commitment!)

Its breakfast time somehow, and why not making this super easy breakfast jar?
With a fresh and fruity mango-coconut smoothie that taste like a Caribbean dream.

Oh and Quinoa Porridge thats one of my favorite variation of oatmeal at the moment!
I’ve already shared a Cashew-Quinoa Porridge here but the variation of playing with flavors, spices and sweetness or herbs is endless…


What you need:

80 grams Quinoa
100 ml Water
45 ml nutmilk(or coconutmilk)
1 tsp vanilla extract
a pinch Coconut sugar

Coconut-Mango Smoothie:
2 Mangoes
220 ml Coconutmilk
1 tsp Coconutflakes
1/2 juice from Lemon
2 tbsp Coconut sugar
1 tbsp turmeric



For the Smoothie:

  1. Peel mangoes, chop finely and then puree with all the remaining ingredients in a blender until its creamy.

For the porridge:

  1.  Add the Quinoa with enough water, nutmilk and the vanilla extract in a pot and let simmer on high heat for 15 Minutes. Depending on the preferred sweetness season with coconut sugar and perhaps more milk.
  2. Fill the finished porridge in a jar and garnish with the smoothie, some more coconut flakes, chia pudding and flowers.

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