Celery-Smoothie + Chuck my new helper

It’s this time of the year..


Christmas season, to be exactly. And with this we’re all into baking, shopping and a kind of stressful mood. But besides all the cookies, muffins and donuts I made for the family, the only thing that keeps me out of bed is a big, big green smoothie.

Like yees, everyday please.

And with at least two vegetables, ‚cause we all have to get in our daily greens right?!

Ok, ok and what you also need besides fresh spinach, celery and also a few ripe bananas is a pretty good mixer. So the lovely team from spring lane gave me the opportunity  to try their super new Blender. So lets welcome Cuck, the only one who’ll ever stay in my kitchen.


Some random facts about him has 1.800 watts, a 6-blade system and a 2.5 liter container(which I like the most!)
If you ever want to make nice cream, any nut butter or some shakes, Chuck’s the man who can make it!

And what about a classic christmas present for your boyfriend, mum, dad or even for yourself? Then go over to Springlane and use the Coupon Code: CHUCKMEETSLENA
and safe 30€ for your own Chuck! Just follow the link, enter the coupon code and lets get fouled with green smoothies.
Its available from 3.12. until 17.12.2016

(I get no compensation for it.  The coupon applies only for CHUCK.)


What you need for the Celery-Smoothie

3 ripe Bananas
200 Gramm fresh Celery
50 Gramm fresh or frozen Spinach
220 ml Coconut water
1 tsp Coconut sugar


  1. Add all ingredients into the mixer and blend for 2-3 minutes until creamy!

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