My trip to Austria with Veganz and Forsthofalm + the chance to win this trip

*This post is made in Collaboartion with Veganz and the Forsthofalm* !Competition is closed!

Nature is freedom.


Whenever it comes to going on holidays, I’m not good in. Never really enjoyed, slept well nor had food I could eat without thinking and making thousands of extra meals.

As you might probably known from my Instagram Stories I had the opportunity going on holiday somewhere 1.050 meter high in Austria. To be exactly the Forsthofalm in Leogang/Saalfelden.

After staying 4 days in these area, let me tell you something thats still in my mind.

We all want to have the cheapest, biggest but also newest things, technology and innovations.
But have you ever stopped for a minute?
Have you ever thought about the environment?
Have you ever wanted to change something with this pattern?

It’s not impossible to live as a household economically and ecologically sustainable. It’s quite a bit difficult for sure, but not impossible. And if I tell you, the hotel Forsthofalm is definitely one of the sustainable hotels I’ve ever know and ever stayed, you’ll be more than surprised.
Everything (expect the bathroom ofc) is made out of wood. So this leads to the fact that the rooms are bio-biological and there’s a very small room climate, which warms in winter and cools in the summers.

„..the central point is to build environmentally and to make nature experienceable and tangible in all rooms…“


That leads me to the kitchen. If you ever struggled with menus complete of meat, fish or other animal products, you pretty know how to feel going out into a restaurant as a vegan. The idea of sustainability continues in the kitchen of the Forsthofalm. Almost every meal/food that’s processed and offered, comes from the region, is local or even herbs are planted just a few miles away!
I’m always searching for some new ideas and recipes possibilities, the vegan 5 course menu, was exactly what my heart desired. From salad, soup, patties, pasta, pancake or nana strawberry ice with avocado. The vegan menu was at least as good as the organic kitchen!


But no we haven’t ate all the time though our stay(uhm well, maybe with all the treats and sweets we got from veganz), just the spa on roof of the hotel, was worth a look more than a few times.  And besides the rooftop pool my personal highlight was just the so unreal, indescribable quiet and beautiful view. I’m not living in a big city, but being surrounded by traffic, hectic, stress, always pressure I loved staying at the railing, just breath in – and breath out.
That’s it, life could be so easy sometimes, when you’re with people who share and spread the same passion and being surround by nothing expect the pure nature.

Oh and to burn all those extra calories from the awesome breakfast, mid-lunch or diner.


Such comfortable and relaxing rooms, one of the hearts in the hotel!

Whoever claims going only in winter to Austria, let me taught you something better.
Due to some kidney struggle and a surgery two weeks before our trip, I wasn’t be able to run miles and miles like I used to. But well, my boyfriend and I made it on top of the mountain. And even if we’re surprised by a storm and get completely wet from the rain, let me tell you: I’ve never, ever saw a prettier view!



For those of you who wouldn’t like to climbed the mountain by foot, you could easily rent Segways or E-bike.

Or for those of you (who might be brave enough, I wasn’t!) you could also fly from one mountain to another. You can’t imagine? Well, its possible but somehow I can’t show you the video with some expressions from this ride.. But this is how it looks like.




If you want to win the same journey, head over to Veganz, or click here, and maybe you’re the lucky winner who can enjoy delicious food, relaxing spa time and a unreal view!


To get more impression, here’s also a little Video we made!


This Post is in Collaboration with Veganz and the Forsthofalm. Thanks to everyone, for having me! All thoughts are my own and I didn’t get payed to write this!

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