I’m Lena, 19 years old and I’m crazy about tasty, healthy and mostly eat vegan!
Last year I started photographing my recipes or probably my daily fruit platter and post it on instagram. Unbelievable how many nice comments I received it! Now I thought about starting this blog to inspired a lot more people with my little eatable piece of arts and selfmade vegan recipes!

I love vegan food and I feel very good at but of course you can give each recipe a twist when you’d rather be cooking with animal products!

The important thing is that you listen to your body, what works for one good, the other not exactly party. But if you are interested in vegan food, you want something to try out new recipes or spruce on this issue, you can always reach me by sending an email to lena.xvii@gmx.de


2 Gedanken zu “About

  1. I am vegan and would like to get your recipes that you post. I’d like your vanilla chocolate waffles recipe.


    Gefällt mir

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